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Sri Lankaramaya

Sri Lankaramaya was founded in May 1999 under the patronage of Venerable Mugunuwela Anururuddha thero. This was a first Sri Lankan Buddhist (Theravadha) temple which dedicated to full fill aspirations of Sri Lankan buddhist living in New Zealand to achieve their religious,environmental,and social need

Sri Lankaramaya is devoted to presentation of buddhist practices,Provided religous services to Sri lankan as well as the other Buddhist communities living in New zealand and Practice Sri lankan

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"LANKA NIGHT 2012" - New Zealand-Sri Lanka Foundation has once again organized its most successful annual event the December 31st Night Dinner Dance.

The President of the foundation, Ranjith Randeniya told SriLankanz that the New Zealand-Sri Lanka foundation creates this opportunity for all of you to get an excellent start for the new year 2013 with your family, friends and the loved ones by participating the “LANKA NIGHT 2012” at Alexandra Park, Function centre, Greenlane, Epsom, Auckland in

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Ven. Elle Himi Gunasamaruva

Venerable Elle Chanda Wimala Thero Commemorating Pinkama – Auckland Centre for Buddisit Learning has commemorated Ven. Elle Chanda Wimala Thero the founder of ACBL for the 4th time. There was a Sangika Dhana Pinkama on 30 December 2012 at the Auckland Buddhist Centre, Bank Rd, Mt Wellington.

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