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Auckland Theravada Buddhist Association (The Temple)

Auckland Theravada Buddhist Association founded in 1980 by few Sri Lankan Buddhists to   fulfil there religious needs.As it was a first of its kind in Auckland, most Theravada   buddhists from other communities were attracted.

About 25 ardent Buddhists attended the inaugural meeting. They comprise with   Asians,Buddhists from different ethnic origins, as well as New Zealanders.

Meetings were held every month in rotation at the home of a committee member. The   program started with a Puja followed by a Dhamma talk by a guest speaker or visiting   monk or a member of the association.

Due to participation of devotees of different ethnic groups, all Dhamma talks and speeches   had to done by english language.

After much fund-raising the present property at Mt. Wellington was bought and renovated   to suit the purposes it was required for. During the process it was discovered that many   members had hidden talents in the way of carpentry, building, electrical work etc. as a   result it was possible to payoff the mortgage in record time.

After many years the ATBA felt that this was not a satisfactory arrangement and resolved   to try to provide facilities for one or more monks to reside in Auckland. Its membership had   increased to about 500.

In 2000, the ATBA bought 72 acres of farmland at Bombay, South Auckland, with the vision   of starting a Buddhist Monastery and Meditation Retreat Centre.

The generosity of members and supporters together with grants from various   organizations enabled the ATBA to develop the property to a level where the presence of a resident monk was needed to be the spiritual guide and director of the ATBA and the   monastery


Meditation sessions with chanting and a Dhamma talk on Sunday evenings at 7:30 at the   Auckland Buddhist Vihara.

There is an open day on the fourth Sunday of each month at the Vihara, beginning at 10.00   am.This is an opportunity for connecting place as a community of Dhamma friends.

Every Sunday afternoon Dhamma School for Buddhist studies during the school term held   at the Vihara. Children from the age of five to teenage are studying in three classes.All   teaching is in English.

There are special celebrations on New Year's Eve and Vesak (honouring the Buddha's birth,   enlightenment and passing away) in month of May.