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Dhamma Gavesi meditation Centre

Dhamma gavisi meditation center was established under the leadership and guidence of Venarable Walimada Jinalankara thero, in order to fullfill the aspirations of Sri Lankan buddhist families living in Wellington and the southern part of North island in New Zealand.

Sri Lanka is generally regarded as the home of the pure Theravada Buddhism and many Sri Lankan buddhists prefer to use these specific forms of rituals, devotional practices and ceremonies which evolved over the centuries. These rituals has its roots in lay Buddhist practices even during the time of the Buddha himself.

At present about five hundred Buddhist families live in Wellington region.Venarable Jinalankara Thero is a very promonent Sri Lankan buddhist monk ,who is very popular among all Sri Lankan and none Sri Lankan theravada buddhists for conducting regular dhamma talks,teachings and meditation programmes in sinhalese as well as english language for last five years.

Dhamma Gavesi meditation center open daily for Buddhist devotees for all nationalities and conducting buddhst activities throughout the week.

The Temple is managed by Wellington Sri Lanka Buddhist Association from the donations of Buddhist devotees of the Wellington area.

Temple Activities


Friday  Afternoon       Gilanpasa Buddha pooja at 7.30 P.m.

Saturday Morning      Buddha Pooja,Conducted by temple resident monks.
               Afternoon   Buddha pooja followed by Dhamma Sermon and
                                 Dhamma discussion at 6.30 P.m.

Sunday Morning        Resident monks visit Wellington Sri Lankan School,
                                 presently operates at Tawa Collage premises,Tawa.

            Afternoon     Special Dhamma programme Starts at 3.30 P.m.


 Sil and meditation Programme from 8.00 A.m to 5.00 P.m. on nearest Saturday to full moon day(Poya day) .All sil observants are provided with Dana(lunch) by temple dana committee.

Annual Activities

The Katina ceremony planned to take place during the month immediately after full moon day of month October.

Wesak poya celebration with all day long sil programe is to take place nearest Saturday of full moon day. followed by Wesak lantern display in the night.

Poson poya celebration will take place on nearest Saturday to full moon day withSpecial Sil programe followed by Poson Bakthi Gee .

Blessing for the Newyear and Pirit chanting for the temple visitors on 1 st of January for Buddhist devotees.

For Sinhala new-year celebration temple plans to perform all Sri Lankan customs in auspicious times such as Oil Ceremony(Hisatel gema) and bless to all temple devotees by resident monks.

Other Temple Services

  • The resident monks visit devotee's homes for blessing and alms giving on invitation.
  • Provide spiritual services and pirith chanting to the elderly buddhists at homes as well as hospitals on request.
  • Officiate in funerals in Buddhist devotees on invitation.

All these services are free to temple devotees .Donations are welcome for the operating and maintain cost of Dhamma gavisi meditation centre.