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Sri Lankaramaya

Sri Lankaramaya was founded in May 1999 under the patronage of Venerable Mugunuwela Anururuddha thero. This was a first Sri Lankan Buddhist (Theravadha) temple which dedicated to full fill aspirations of Sri Lankan buddhist living in New Zealand to achieve their religious,environmental,and social need

Sri Lankaramaya is devoted to presentation of buddhist practices,Provided religous services to Sri lankan as well as the other Buddhist communities living in New zealand and Practice Sri lankan customs.It is a religious as well as an educational organization .which is devoted to broaden knowledge of Buddhist practices and Dhamma,Sri Lankan buddhist customs and Sinhala language through Sri mihindu Dhamma school.

The New Zealand Sri Lanka Buddhist Trust is a registered on the 11th May 1999, incorporated under the charitable trust act 1957 .( Register number AK/961489) It aims to full fill aspiration of Sri Lankan Buddhist living in New Zealand to achieve their religious cultural environmental and social needs. NZSLBT achieves these objectives through Sri Lankaramaya, which is the residents for Buddhist priests who are available to discus the various aspects of Buddhism teaching meditation to various nationalities and offer informal advise and counseling.

Sri Lankaramaya is devoted to presentation of buddhist practices and sri lankan customs.It is a religious as well as an educational organization,which is devoted to broaden knowledge of Buddhist practices and Dhamma,Sri lankan buddhist customs and Sinhala language through Sri Mihindu Dhamma school.

At present there are three Sri lankan Buddhist priests reside permanently in Sri Lankaramaya.The Chief monk Venerable Walgama Munindrawansa Thero,who was appointed as Maha sanganayaka of New Zealand in year 2007 is residing from the inception of the temple. Under his guidance Venerable Kottukachhiye Pannasara thero and Venerable Kagama Chandawimala thero are available to discuss the various aspect of buddhism,teach meditation,conduct Dhamma sermon as well as offer family counseling to buddhist devotees.

Temple services



Religious services and sermons aimed at adult devotees.


  • Organise regular Dhamma sermons


  • Conduct house-warming and blessing ceremonies, visit hospitals for blessing


  • Spiritual counseling.


  • Youth development services( through Sri Mihindu Dhamma School)


  • Culture and other social activities.(Sinhala New Year celebrations).


  • Annual blood donation by Buddhist devotees.


  • Supply and lend books and other educational material on Dhamma to those aspiring to consume them  through Sri lankaramaya Library  


  • Officiate in funerals


  • Organise well recognise buddhist priests of all over the world to visit   Sri Lankaramaya and conduct special meditation programs and  dhamma discussions with Buddhist devotees.



Buddha Pooja  and The Meditation Programme will be held  every  Friday at 7.30 P.M.
Meditation Class for children will be conducted simultaneously


Sunday Dhamma School  is open for children every Sunday morning at  9.30 a.m. It is closed on all New Zealand school holidays.


Monthly sil Programme will be held on closest Sunday to Poya Day (Full Moon day) start  at 7.30 A.M.. followed by devotional services, Dhamma talking, discussions and blessing.



Very Comprehensive Sil programme will be held on Closest Sunday to full moon poya day at the temple. About hundred of Buddhist devotees in all age groups including Dhamma school students participate on this events.
Well recognise Buddhist priests from Sri lanka are invited to Participate and conduct Special Dhamma Discussions alone with Sri Lankaramaya Resident reverent a week long Vesak Programme.

The Vesak Lantern show is most interesting event for the Sunday Dhamma school children.
Organizing committee arranges to give prizes to best creations and consolation prizes for all participants.


Monthly sill programme , evening Bhakthi geetha programme will be held and Poson dansala and food fair will follow.

KATINA CEREMONY                                 

The Most important religious event of the Sri lankaramaya is very comprehensive Three month long Katina Programme start with the "VAS ARADHANA PINKAMA" on month of july is organized by NZSLBT under the guidance of Chief encumberant Venerable Munindrawansa Thero.

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