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Katina ceremony 2012 Srilankaramaya,Auckland

Srilankaramaya of Auckland held all night long Pirith chanting on Friday the 2nd followed by the Katina ceremony of the temple on Sunday the 4th of October 2012. About twenty resident monks of all Sri Lankan Buddhist temples in New Zealand and the Buddhist monks from all Buddhist temples including Vietnam, Burma, Laos, Thailand in Auckland participated in this most religious annual activity of the temple.
  The Katina Cheevara (New Robe) was offered to Venerable Walgama Munindrawansa Thero, the Maha Sanganayaka of New Zealand and the chief incumbent of Srilankaramaya who observed the Vas for the last three months (Vassana period) along with other monks.

The event took place at the presence of about 1000 Buddhist devoteesfrom the Auckland region. Katina Dhamma sermon was conveyed by Parivenadhipathi of Thambiligasmulla Sri Dheerananda Vidyayathanaya, Ven. Panakawe Sri Dheerananda Pemarathana Thero who visited New Zealand under the invitation of New Zealand Sri Lanka Buddhist Trust, the managing body of Srilankaramaya and the Katina ceremony. It concludes the three month long Vas Pinkam program. The regular Buddha Pooja and meditation programs of Srilankaramaya will be continued as usual.


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